8 Best Ways to Attract Readers to Your Blog

8 Best Ways to Attract Readers to Your Blog

Many people in this world consider blogging to be a drug and have become addicted to it. Even though blogging is a passion for them, many blogs are not even seen or heard of, and it does not matter how good the blog is. What matters is how you showcase it and increase the number of its viewers; just writing good contents won’t make a blog famous but focusing on all the factors needed to increase the views of the blog will. Newbie bloggers that have just started blogging are more prone to taking wrong decisions and getting discouraged after seeing that there are no views in more than a day. This article looks upon 8 of the best ways to attract readers to your blog and is particularly useful for those who have just started blogging.

1. Make blog titles as catchy as possible

The first thing any viewer will notice is the title of the blog; remember the first impression lasts forever. If you make the title of the blog something wacky and uninteresting, the viewer will find himself another blog to read no matter how good yours is. Your title should be different from any other blogs and should be relevant to your topic. If a good blog is supported with an equally interesting title, you can be sure that the blog will get many views. Now don’t overdo the title and make it something that is not related to your blog. You can bring readers with catchy titles, but if the blog is not of the same quality or is not relevant to the title, you might lose readers forever. So, before making up a name, keep in mind that it needs to be catchy, unique and relevant to the topic of your blog.

2. Content quality is a must

Content quality is a must

The thinking process of a blogger should always be aimed for the long term. You can always get views from your readers, but if you are not consistent with the quality of the blog, you might lose them easily. You should always provide them with the best quality contents and be consistent about it, as varying the quality sometimes discourages the readers from following the freelancers’ posts. To ensure the best quality of the blog, constantly check your blog and if required, rewrite the blog until you are happy with its quality. Keep doing this for every article to make the best of it as the same quality is expected by your reader every time. Don’t hesitate to use an online proofreading service, sometimes grammar can be really tricky. You should also compare your blog quality to your competitor’s blog and take actions according to your comparison.

3. Contact your readers directly

When a reader comments on your blog or leaves a review, you should always reply to their comments personally. This creates a space in mind of the reader that you respect his words and took it in your knowledge. The reader will feel that he means something to you and will follow you and your blogs. Getting in touch with the users is also a great way to engage you in conversations with them. From these conversations, you can easily learn about what to improve in your article and which topic your target audience prefers the most.

4. Comment on other blog posts

Comment on other blog posts

Commenting on other popular blog posts is a very good idea for promoting your own blog. You should search for a popular blog that is relevant to yours and then place a comment on that blog with a link to your own one. You should be very careful with uploading the comment as you need it to be interesting and free of any mistakes. It is a good idea to check your comment several times before uploading so that you don’t create any problems for yourself. For example, don’t write any vulgar or offending things in your comment as you are there to advertise your platform and not to put a bad impression on you and your blog. If you do it correctly, you can have decent conversations with the readers and their interest in topics. As you can understand, this is a great way to advertise and promote your blog to a better level.

5. Write posts before its title

This is a very common tip but a very useful one indeed. It is a good idea to write posts first and then come up with the title; most writers start off with a particular topic, and as the blog grows and the author continues on, there is a very high chance that he might drift off to another topic and include some features that should not have been in the article. As a result, the blog will not be relevant to its title. If this case happens the reader, after reading the whole blog will become frustrated that he did not get what he was expecting and this will easily cause a reader to stop following the blogger and his posts.

6. Share your blogs through readers

Share your blogs through readers

The best way to promote your blogs is to use the readers themselves to make an advertisement about your blog. This can simply be done by asking the most loyal and permanent reader to share your blog on his social accounts, or you can also put links in the comment section of your blog and ask your readers to share your blog. If you have a good relationship with your readers, you can ask them for a favor to share your work. You can also put up a prize for your most loyal readers, those who shared your work the most, in order to encourage more shares and promotions.

7. Use Google Analytics

Use of Google Analytics is a good way to monitor your site and your readers. This monitors the traffic of your site. It monitors when your site has the maximum or minimum traffic. It can also monitor how much time a reader spends on the blog and your site, along with the number of readers who did not find the article interesting and went away. It also monitors the source of the traffic, that is from which site or app does these traffic visits to your blog; for example, many readers might come from any social app, using this information you can go to that source and notify your readers about your next blog post. Google Analytics will provide you with all the necessary data and armed with these data you need to take steps on how to increase the traffic and you can easily follow your progress.

Take note of your SEO

8. Take note of your SEO

SEO is something that almost all bloggers use. When you optimize your blogs like Google and other popular engines, you create your own identity among the other blogs. This makes your platform unique and searchable.

Well, blogging is not easy, in fact, nothing is; but, if you are willing to put the time and effort into it, you can be a successful blogger, but you might want to abide by the rules listed above. Also, you must be dedicated, devoted and determined, and you will get the success.

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