Ultimate Guide How to Write the Stunning Blog Post

Ultimate Guide How to Write the Stunning Blog Post

What makes a blogger good? Their professionalism? No: sometimes people who start blogging just for fun become more popular than the ones who write to earn a living. Their experience? Maybe, but it’s not enough: a person can be very experienced in something, but their blog posts would still be boring.

Only when a blogger is able to write truly stunning blog posts, they become popular. While the definition of a “stunning post” may seem unclear, in reality, all is very simple: when a post is interesting to read when a reader wants to share it with their audience, this means it’s good.

So, how to write such posts? We will tell you.

1. Preparation is the key.

Preparation is the key

While blog writing is definitely a creative process, it is still important to organize it well. Sure, you can wake up one morning feeling inspired, turn on your laptop and write a post right away, but most of the time this doesn’t go so smoothly. When you’re open a text editor, not knowing what exactly are you going to write, you’ll most likely end up staring at a blank page for minutes or even hours.

That’s why it is so important to prepare beforehand. Good ideas don’t always come in right time: sometimes we have them while we are talking with friends or training at the gym, or driving home from work. It’s good to write them down right away in your phone notes or in a special notebook: this way you’ll be able to make a whole list of ideas and build your content plan basing on it.

It is also important to check whether your ideas are really as original as they seem: maybe you’re writing something thinking that this would be an amazing post only to found out later that someone has already written the one that looks almost the same. It would be a waste of time and won’t do you any good.

Though this doesn’t mean that you have to avoid writing on certain topics at all: if you do find articles on such topics online, but still think that you’ll be able to add something new and to custom writers,  go ahead!

For some people preparation also means creating a plan of a post: this makes the whole writing process much easier and also makes it hard to forget about important details that have to be mentioned. However, if you think it would be easier for you to write without a strict plan, skip this tip.

2. Add something personal.

Add something personal

There are so many options for bloggers. Some can write reviews of certain products and services (starting from makeup and books, and ending with various courses and so on), some can share useful tips with their audience (for example, if you create a blog dedicated to healthy lifestyle or personal development) and some can even tell about their life and be appreciated as well! While there is no certain topic that can guarantee your popularity as a blogger, there’s one advice that can definitely help you: add personal details to everything you write. This doesn’t mean that you have to become too open to your audience: a few simple facts, tips, and personal stories will do.

Sometimes beginner bloggers think that they can rewrite other people’s articles and this will be enough, but a good blog doesn’t work like that. After all, readers can find this type of content everywhere, while unique and interesting articles with a personal touch are hard to find and so are much more treasured. Also, your audience can relate to you better if you write about something personal: after all, we all want to see that we’re reading posts of people who’re just like us, not other impersonal articles.

Moreover, if you write about things that are interesting and familiar to you, you’ll write with more passion and joy too. And these things do affect the quality of your blog posts in a positive way, even if you don’t notice it.

Think about how to present your work

3. Think about how to present your work.

Blogger’s style matters a lot too. If you want your blog posts to be stunning, think about how to present them the right way. Choose a catchy headline, nice-looking images (or even make your own photos, illustrations or collages, if possible) and, what’s even more important, reflect upon your writing style. One of the main features of a good blogger is their ability to describe even the most trivial things in an interesting way. Of course, this only comes with practice, so you have to do your research, find bloggers, whose style you like, and develop your own unique style too.

Keep in touch with the trends

4. Keep in touch with the trends.

Stunning blog posts are not only well-written and well-presented: they are interesting too. To write interesting posts, a blogger has to always keep in touch with the latest trends: that’s how it is possible to attract new readers and remain popular among old ones. For example, a beauty blogger, who misses the newest and most discussed things in a beauty market, will hardly remain popular for a long time. Same goes for bloggers working with other niches.

Keeping in touch with the trends is easier than it seems. Most bloggers do know about their main competitors, who are the most popular bloggers in a certain niche (and if not, they always able to google their blogs and subscribe to them). Monitor your subscriptions daily and you won’t miss an important trend even if you want to.

Blogging is hard, though interesting work and it takes time for a beginner blogger to write their first stunning blog post that will be shared and appreciated a lot. However, if you follow these tips, you’ll be able to quicken this process. Remember: be original, work on your style, don’t be afraid to share something personal, plan everything well and monitor trends – and you’ll become a successful blogger quicker than you expect! We wish you good luck, loyal audience and lots of stunning posts!